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Department of Education

General information

Institute of Education was established in 1997, and since 2003 operates within the structure of the Faculty of Education of ULS.


Research staff are located in problem areas identified by the following research directions:

  • From teaching to learning. Biographical dimension of education
  • Today's educational and vocational counseling. Contexts, ideas, applications
  • The teachers of today. The social construction of their being in the world of teaching
  • Educational discourses of present
  • The school as a learning institution
  • Operation of educational institutions, educational and rehabilitation. Programs, the social context
  • Pedagogical aspects of contemporary culture and social life
  • Psychological aspects of development
  • Some problems of history, culture, education and science
  • Childhood and family. Psychological and pedagogical conditions for development
  • Adults as the subject of learning in the contexts of contemporary culture
  • The ideological contexts of education
  • The methodology of the discipline and practice of science
  • Spaces of change and resistance in higher education
  • The school as a place of life of teachers and students. From formal to informal tasks of the educational situation
  • Family in contemporary educational discourse
  • Psychosocial strategies, help and cooperation
  • Sustainable development and education. Individual and collective identities of social actors.