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Specialization: Culture and Education ( also available within ERASMUS Programme

Second degree studies in Education, specialization Culture and Education is designed for students interested in exploring cultural aspects of educational and learning processes and their functioning in social, institutional and organizational contexts. The interdisciplinary program draws on the fields of cultural anthropology, education and cultural studies, and helps students learn skills and competencies which help them in the completion of research assignments and independent cultural and social projects. The knowledge, skills and competencies gained from studying in the program will be valuable to people who work or plan to work in educational, cultural or non-profit institutions and organizations.



Specialization: Cultural Animation and Museum Studies

First degree (undergraduate) studies in Education, specialization Cultural Animation and Museum Education are addressed to those wishing to acquire knowledge and professional skills necessary to undertake activities in the area of cultural animation and education with particular consideration of museum studies and education. The graduate of this specialization is prepared for work in cultural and non-school based education institutions which design their activities for all recipients’ and participants’ age groups (museums, community centers, centers for cultural activities, common universities, universities of the third age, culture disseminating organizations, associations and non-governmental organizations etc.). The competencies acquired by graduates enable creative usage of contemporary media (Internet) for dissemination, promotion and animation of actions in the area of widely understood culture as well as initiation of independent actions in the economic reality.


Security Studies
Specializations: Socio-Political Security, Environmental Security, Security Education

Challenges and Strategies of European Security

Security Studies look broadly at the issue of security, focusing on its non-military aspects, which consist of the social, political, economical, informational and environmental dimensions among others. Security Studies analyze security at various levels: the local, national and transnational, through the prism of its internationalization, and with an emphasis on human security. The uniqueness of the studies is its combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. A rich internship program, as a part of the Security Studies educational program, gives students the opportunity to combine theory with their first professional experience. The program prepares to work for the following types of organizations: national and international organizations, private companies carrying out tasks in the field of security, non-governmental organizations, state administration structures.



Social Sciences and Journalism 
Specialization: 3D animation & Visual Effects

The program is implemented within the Digital Masters – School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects operational since 2011 at University of Lower Silesia. The school has been founded in close co-operation with local studios covering 3D animation and film post-production, such as Xantus (the main partner), Virtual Magic, Caputa Studio, Picture & Sound, and Lumicon FX. The program is devoted to three steps of  a movie production process: pre-production, production and post-production. The program prepares to work as:

  • 3D Character Animator
  • Modeler
  • Matte Painter
  • 3D Tracking Artist
  • Rotoscope Artist
  • Lighting/Rendering Artist
  • Effect Animator
  • Compositor