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BA Culture animation and museum studies

Contact: Admission Office at the Faculty of Education

Program description

First degree (undergraduate) studies in Pedagogy, specialization Cultural Animation and Museum Education are addressed to those wishing to acquire knowledge and professional skills necessary to undertake activities in the area of cultural animation and education with particular consideration of museum studies and education.


  •     Knowledge about culture
  •     Cultural animation - conceptions and theories
  •     Museum studies - history and nowadays
  •     Art history outline
  •     Pedagogy of place
  •     Anthropology of everyday life
  •     Amateur art activities
  •     Museum education of children, youth and adults
  •     Animator in the cultural institutions
  •     Literary culture and reading promotion
  •     Basics of economy and management in culture
  •     Educational-artistic projects - planning and realization
  •     Museum education - methods and techniques
  •     Social and cultural animation - methods and techniques
  •     Internet - tool and space for cultural animation
  •     Narrative techniques of museum exhibits
  •     Artifacts and art events interpretation
  •     Animator's and curator's workshop


The graduate of this specialization is prepared for work in cultural and non-school based education institutions, which design their activities for all recipients’ and participants’ age groups (museums, community centers, centers for cultural activities, common universities, universities of the third age, culture disseminating organizations, associations and non-governmental organizations etc.). The competencies acquired by graduates enable creative usage of contemporary media (Internet) for dissemination, promotion and animation of actions in the area of widely understood culture as well as initiation of independent actions in the economic reality.