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Adrianna Isabel Ventanas Rufo Universidad de Extremadura, Spain

"My name is Adriana and I come from Spain. I'm 25 years old, studying last years of Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad de Extremadura.
I have to be honest, the first time I heard about Wroclaw and University of Lower Silesia I didn't know anything about it! And that was one of the reasons to definitely spend my Erasmus here. In Spain I live in a small city, very hot in summer and in winter. We have never had snow, and we always have sunlight for the whole day so for me it was a great change in my life.
Studies at ULS for me it was very easy, the members of the International Office gave us lot of information and also the teachers encouraged us during the whole period of Erasmus programme.
In those months I could discovered the city of Wroclaw, a mixture of past feelings: the world war, the comunism and the democracy, all still alive nowadays. Big city, all weekends I found something new to do, and much more when spring comes: picnics, shows, competitions, fairs, expositions, parties, workshops... and a long etc.
This city takes care a lot about the culture, the cinema, arts, and that tells a lot about the people who live there.
The people in general were very kindly, but the main thing I'm going to miss is the food: pierogi and a good beer in Rynek is the best plan on a sunny day, over a few months living in Wroclaw I discovered that sometimes you don't need much more to feel happy.
I would really like to come back to Poland, and for sure I will find a way to do it.
Probably you can find other cities to spend your Erasmus but I recommend Wroclaw, because maybe the most important isn't how big or how rich the city is but also how you can discover yourself walking down the streets that contain lot of stories from the past and nowadays Wroclaw is growing up like many other European city."