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Ana Sanchez Vincente, Universidad de Extremadura

"My impressions from Erasmus period at the University of Lower Silesia" 

My Erasmus period was amazing. I arrived to Poland and at the beginning it´s imposible to don´t be afraid from everything but the truth is that I was meeting people that was helping me with everything. 

The first month was a little hard, on the one hand I didn´t speak Polish and not so well English so the communication was a trouble sometimes. But in spite of the language everybody was really nice talking slowly, etc. On the other hand in the University as well the beginning with the classes in English was hard because was the first time in my life that I had been in a class talking all the time in English, I didn´t used to that situation. 

I´m really glad to spent this year in this University was a perfect experience. International Relations ffice of the University of Lower Silesia and the Office in my Faculty was working really good for all of the students. I had the opportunity to stay longer in the second semester thanks to this University and all the paperworks were easier without problems with you. Thank you so much.

Another thing that I love, was travel around Poland and other close countries, I attached several photos from differents moments, in market square in Wroclaw, in Krakow, in the conference at the University and in a polish school with the classroom.

I am really thankful for the opportunity to spend perfectly amazing semester at Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences in Wroclaw. It was the best choice I could do.​ 

My best wishes,

Ana Sanchez Vicente

University of Extremadura