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Andrés Mateos Vera, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain

"The time has arrived, athough it seemed that this was no ending, but now I have to take the suitcase and start to put inside a year of my life, but what I will not forget to to take - are all the experiences, thwy don't take space and I´m going to remember always, even if they loose my suitcase.
I´m not going to forget our travel to Berlin, Prague, Krakow... our nights in the best clubs of Wroclaw, our mornings in the best parks of Wroclaw, our bbqs on sunny days...It was a real pleasure to know a culture so different, such wonderful places, so many people from so many countries ... has also been a pleasure to meet the Spaniards who fortunately are always the same, those crazy and noisy guys who spread good feelings to every corner of the world.

I wish good luck to everyone who has accompanied me during this study period, many of you I will never see again, others yes, but don't worry, we are in the best part of the life. ENJOY IT!"

Andres Mateos Vera

Univeristy of Extremadura