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Fernando Lara Almenar, Universidad Católica de Valencia, Spain 

"My impressions from Erasmus period at the University of Lower Silesia 

First of all I would like to say that my stay in Poland at the University of Lower Silesia during whole academic year 2013/2014 has been the best year I have ever had since I started my degree.

I have always wanted to live in a foreign country and, why not Poland? When my origin university placed in València, Spain, informed me, I was beneficiary of Erasmus program, suddenly I thought Poland could be the best country to live in. There are many places to choose but, definitely, I have never regretted of my decision. I chose Poland for many reasons, I love travelling and that amazing country is situated in the middle of Europe, because of this, that was a great chance to travel to near countries and new cultures besides the polish culture. I must say that I always wanted a cold country to live in, and believe me, Poland is awesome at that, the weather is perfect and I have never had any impediment in my daily stuff though.

When I arrived to Poland I expected to find a not-developed country but, since the first moment I landed, I realized I was wrong and this country was going to give me a lot of new adventures and unforgettable experiences.

Being a newcomer is always difficult, mostly in those first moments and mainly when exists a language barrier which difficults a new arrival. It was not my case, I have always had a warm welcome, people in Poland are really open-minded and easy-going and I have always found a support in all people. When I arrived at my dormitory I met my first polish friend and, since this moment, I have always had a good friend although not the only one.

Living in a dormitory has been a great experience and it gave me the opportunity to know many people from many places as well, I have met people from Germany, Finland, France, Turkey, Poland, Spain and a long etcetera, folks whom I have shared experiences, trips, studies, parties with. New never-lived situations where I learnt about lifestyles, cultures, changing impressions, new ways to live your life.

As I have mentioned, I was looking for a place where I could travel from and Wroclaw has been the best shuttle for that. Living in Wroclaw gave me the opportunity to take many trips such as the greatest cities around Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Besides that in Wroclaw you can find a good university atmosphere, you can find whatever you need and I am completely sure you will not miss anything from your country. Exists a great offer of bars, concerts, zoo, aqua park, amusement parks, clubs, activities, polish cinema for beginners and museums to spend your free time and surely you will not get bored.

We have always found in the University of Lower Silesia a support in many situations, we felt since the first moment we had been welcomed in a familiar academic institution, always willing to help us, always suggesting new activities to do, always looking after our stay in Poland.

Studying at the ULS has been a good experience regarding to learning. Studying in a reduced amount of people helps you to be more active in class, improving your English and getting rid of your shame, improving your social skills and becoming in a better student who will be able to socialize much easier, faster and better in a foreign society. It has been also thanks to an impressive quality of teachers, whom were able to create a perfect atmosphere to learn, dialog and discuss, teachers who have been the perfect figure of teacher and friends.

For that and many reasons more I encourage everyone to choose the University of Lower Silesia. Poland is a country plenty of experiences to live in, people who know, and memories to remember."