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Onur Sezer, Okan University, Turkey

"In first days I was feeling worried because I didn't know anything about Poland but after one week all my worries are disappeared. To be honest I had no idea about Polish culture and life style. I was lucky that my dormitory in Olovek was full of Polish students as well as Erasmus students. We had so many good memories there. I had a great chance to see Polish culture, I even learnt how to express myself basically in Polish. At first side we had all so many prejudices about our cultures. However as we lived together we got over biases. I had so many good friends there.

Apart from dormitory life I met so many good people in the University of Lower Silesia. We had many presentations and group studies which I learnt a lot within all of these studies. We always made a great team with my teammates. Also our teachers tought us not only lessons but also truths about real working life as well as their experiences.

Finally I would like to thank Erasmus coordinate of the University of Lower Silesia, my university teachers and you who helped me during my Erasmus period."

Onur Sezer,

Okan University - Turkey