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Centre for Educational Innovations

What is Centre for Educational Innovations at ULS?


Centre for Educational Innovations using the knowledge and experience of the team of specialists, promotes and implements educational innovations in all possible dimensions (formal, informal and non-formal and LifeLongLearning) in collaboration with entities related to the implementation of educational activities.

What we offer?

We offer  to entities (public institutions, representatives of local governments, NGO, private entrepreneurs, parents) interested in educational and social innovation:

1. Comprehensive implementation of educational innovation on stakeholders request

2. Comprehensive knowledge
about various forms of educational innovation gathered in one place, prepared by experts and presented in an accessible form on the online platform in the form of recommendations, as well as in-depth reports

3. Training and courses on the preparation and implementation of educational innovation - in schools and local communities

4. Studies and evaluations of implemented
innovations together with an analysis of the circumstances of their efficiency - analysis of why not all innovation they go well or do not produce the desired effect; identifying good practices

5. Cooperation and partnership in the preparation of educational innovation projects and assistance in raising funds for their implementation, and assist in the implementation

6. Prepared teaching materials, teaching aids, in the form of handbooks, educational videos, etc..

The opportunity to  know other stakeholders in educational innovation and assistance in establishing cooperation through INNOVATION FORUM



Centre for Educational Innovations

Wagonowa 9
53-609 Wrocław

tel.: +48 71 356 15 38