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Changes in the structure and curriculum of higher education are increasingly requiring students to become reflective independent learners.


The key objectives of this project are to identify the learning processes which enable non traditional adult students in higher education to complete thier studies, acheiving this through, for example, study skills, self management, learning to learn, analysing learning and teaching styles.


This involves examining the interface between learning from experience and academic learning and how experiences may apprise and help academic learning and the implications that this has for future learning.


The project will also look at how the process of reflective learning can be better supported in terms of study materials, systems, staff support, web support, peers.


The main target groups are non traditional undergraduate adult students; that is to say, those people who do not have traditional university entry qualifications, such as women, working class people and minority ethnic groups.

The project involves seven countries: the UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Finland and Portugal.


contact person: prof. Ewa Kurantowicz