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Celebrating Fritz Stern’s Legacy in Wrocław

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The Fritz Stern Professorship of the City of Wrocław for Anne Applebaum The Gift of Fritz Stern’s Book Collection to the Wrocław University Library

fot. Jerzy Katarzynski

Scientific Publishing House of ULS presents a publication documenting the events coorganized by International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education, that took place in Wrocław on 2nd – 4th October, 2018, in celebration of the legacy of Professor Fritz Stern in his native city.

From prof. Cervinkova's introduction:

On 3rd October, the journalist and historian Anne Applebaum received the Fritz Stern Professorship of the City of Wrocław, an award established in 2009 by the City of Wrocław and the Zeit Foundation in tribute to the Wrocław (Breslau)-born American historian. The Professorship pays homage to Professor Stern and his scholarship, recognizes his special kinship to the transformations of his birthplace, and highlights Wrocław’s dedication to its inter-cultural heri‑tage and to reconciliation by inviting widely admired public intellectuals whose work stands for dialogue between nations and cultures and for the building of an informed political and civil society. Anne Applebaum became the third public intellectual to receive this honor, following Richard von Weizsäcker in 2011 and Joschka Fischer in 2013.

The award ceremony was accompanied by another very special event – the official opening of the special collection of books from the private library of Fritz Stern, which he donated to the University of Wrocław. The ceremony was attended by Professor Stern’s son Fred Stern and his wife Lois Feldman. Fred Stern also gave a public talk at the University of Wrocław on 2nd October, sharing stories and photos illustrating the deep ties the Stern family has maintained with Wrocław. During a workshop hosted by the Shalom Aleichem Elementary School on 4th October, Fred Stern and Lois Feldman presented to local teachers the innovative method of teaching mathematics to children which had been developed by Fritz Stern’s mother, Catherine, in pre-war Breslau.

As always, the events were co-organized through the cooperation of several institutions: the City of Wrocław (the Office of the Mayor and the Wrocław Academic Hub), the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, the University of Lower Silesia (International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education), the University of Wrocław (the Rector’s Office, Wrocławska Inicjatywa Samorządów Studenckich and the Wrocław University Library), and the HA Foundation.

You can read the publication HERE