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Costs of living

Bank account

It is advisable to open a bank account in Poland. For students the opening an account is normally free of charge, but some services may be charged (e.g. international money transfer). It is not a problem to find a cash machine around the city and all credit cards are usually accepted.



The official Polish currency is  zloty (PLN), and it is issued in bills and coins which You Can see below:

more information:


Student’s ‘milk bars’ are definitely the cheapest option – you can get your meal for even 5 PLN (around 1 EUR): The most popular ones are the following: Miś, Mewa, Jacek i Agatka, U Witka

You should also remember about pizza places, as they often offer discounts – even 10 PLN for a pizza. Check out: and discounts on

Unique cuisine:

  • Kozacka Chatka (Ukrainian cuisine)
  • Piec on Szewska Street (pizza just like in Italy)
  • KRVN (modern mix)
  • Butchery & Grill (meat, meat, meat)
  • Chopper Bar (Polish and Czech cuisine)
  • Amsterdam (Dutch fried potatoes)
  • Burgerlove (Burger place)
  • Bułka z masłem (extraordinary lunch place)

Author: Katarzyna Bugryn



Average prices in Wrocław



Eggs (12 Eggs)

5.40-9.00 PLN

Milk (1 lt)

2.30-3.00 PLN

A loaf of white bread

2-3.00 PLN

Local Cheese (1kg)

18-25.00 PLN


2.80-3.50 PLN


2-3.00 PLN

Rice (1kg)

2.60-4.00 PLN

Apple (1kg)

2.50-3.50 PLN

Banana (1kg)

5-6.00 PLN

Orange (1 kg)

3.70-5.00 PLN

Tomato (1kg)

4-7.00 PLN

Patato (1kg)

1-2.50 PLN

Lettuce (1 head)

2-3.00 PLN

Water (1.5 liter bottle)

1.50-2.00 PLN

A cup of coffee (regular)

6-8.00 PLN

Coca Cola (0.5 lt)

2.50-3.50 PLN

Cinema Ticket

15-25.00 PLN

Tooth Paste

6-10.00 PLN


6-10.00 PLN

Tram/Bus one way ticket

1.50 PLN (reduced price)
3.00 PLN (regular price)

Tram/Bus per month

90.00 PLN (regular)
45.00 PLN (reduced)